We start with a customized Microsite for you. Whether you currently have a website or this is the first foray on the web for you, we bring you on the same platform as most well developed transactional platforms on the web. This means that you get a Digicert SSL certificate on your microsite, an option to choose from a variety of design templates, a robust analytics report that tracks the visitors on your site, your own customised content as you would like your students and parents to see and more! The best part - you do not need to coordinate with different vendors to integrate your payment gateway, just sign up and we take care of the rest.


Even access is tailored! You can decide what different people within your administrative unit see and have access to when they login. Do not want to share financial data? Branches to have limited access to their own fee collections while the Head office can access all? Want to allow your reception desk to register enquiries? Done, done and done. Well, theres more, all you need to do is ask.