An Amazing Admin Console

The Admin Console is your cockpit from where you can ‘fly’ if you will! That is because it makes managing your Institution such a breeze!. Its a feature packed control panel that helps you run the show.


On of the features we are most proud of is the Enquiries in the Admin Console. As an educator you would have walk-ins, online enquiries on your website as well as enquiries on the Feecounter Microsite. Well, this screen cumulates your enquiries across all modules, you can even add other enquiries that you may be getting from other sources like your advertising or awareness campaign, Google adwords, promotions etc. But the critical part is how you use these enquiries. So lets say a walk in has enquired on the start dates of a batch. With a simple click you can filter the enquiries on the same topic and send out a bulk SMS or email informing students on the start date. Include the link to your new batch and students can start booking their seats online. Instantly.

Access Control

Administer your franchisee or branch network with a unified login for the Head quarters or Principal Administrator. Set varying access control rights across your organisation to maintain confidentiality. This means that you can have a separate login for every position within your Institution, for example, the Accounts team can each have a login for viewing a particular branch while your counsellors could have a login for only registering enquiries and enrollments - they would not be able to view anything outside of what is authorised.

Batch Management

If you are managing a large scale coaching or training centre with multicity presence - the Admin console is your dream come true. You can set up ‘Courses’ as a one-time exercise and make it available to applicable branches. Lets say your ‘Cinema Appreciation Course’ is applicable only for Mumbai branches - you could limit its availability to Mumbai branches alone! How does this help? Well - when your franchisee or branch logs in, all they need to do is create batches of ‘courses made available’ to them by the Head Office. Reporting of seats becomes watertight and standardised across your network. Moreover, whenever a fee amount is collected - it immediately gets settled in the preset ratios between the Head Office and the branch/franchisee. Need it to be customised to your setup? Just talk to us.

Simple things. Big difference

By simply managing your fees and enrollments through Virtual Feecounter you can take a leap by giving access to students and parents 24/7 - 365 days a year. Not just in your city but you can overcome geographical boundaries with zero IT expenses. Simple but big!