Automate Fee Requests

With a single upload of an excel sheet once a year*, you can automate fee request emails to parents / students on the set date. Easily trackable, these fee requests can then be closed with a payment online or offline - parents get reminders till fees are paid and you get your sanity to do what you do best - educate!

Organise Admissions

Online admissions applications get automated and synced on your admin console for easy sorting or shortlisting. Run online applications or deliver prospectus copies or email uniquely identifiable soft copies of your application form. All customized to your requirements.

A Superview

Get an eagle eye’s view over your Institution covering Fee collections and admissions across branches. The Fee Collections screen gives a streamlined view across modes of payment - whether offline or online. The user friendly filters accord you with what we call a ‘Superview’ of collections across branches, modes, time periods, easily filterable down to every unique payer details.

Automate your payment processing

Most educators we work with have a terrible time following up on dues from their Franchise network or they face a taxing administrative task in settling dues through surrogate ways like course material, sanctioned exam codes, withholding of official uniforms and what not! Split your fee collections as per franchisee level agreements across multiple accounts and multiple levels of State and City level franchisees. Sleep easy.


We don’t mean foreign trade but the options available in your Admin Console that allow you to easily sync with Tally and other ERP platforms. Whether it be simple excel formats or customised xml files, just ask for our compatibility consultant!

Wonder Tools

We have a long list of wonder tools to help you with your day to day administrative tasks. Want to automate levying of late fee? Edit fee amount payable by a student? Want to send a reminder to parents and students for outstanding dues? Wish you had a dedicated helpline to support all transactional queries by students? Done!

Integrated Web Management

Whatever you change on your Admin Console - gets updated on your exclusive microsite in real time! So lets say you decided to provide a special batch for that much in demand course - as soon as your branch at Chennai creates a batch, your microsite updates with seats available and even students / parents in Delhi can start booking online instantly! And thats just one example of our real time web updation features.