Virtual Feecounter

Virtual Feecounter is a Payment Gateway like no other - aggregating modes like credit / debit cards of Visa, Mastercard and Maestro along with Netbanking of over 32 banks. Couple this with a cash pickup service across 11 cities, debit card payments using an ATM pin and POS terminals for your campus make it a truly complete payment solution.

Cash pickup

Our cash pickup service in conjunction with Gharpay covers 11 cities. The Parent / Student can simply conduct the transaction online and opt for a cash pick up at their doorstep. Apart from instantly receiving an update on the cash picked, you are also protected against any counterfeit currency or loss in transit. Leave your worries of a cash pile at your branch or campus with amounts credited to your accounts within 48 hours.

Debit card with ATM pin

The standard credit and debit card option involves a long frawn out process of the user first registering his mobile no and then requesting a One Time Password (OTP) for the purpose of doing one transaction - this too at a high transaction cost for you. Even in lower transaction cost modes like Netbanking - the parent or student needs to be registered with their banks for netbanking services. Now with our new service - they can transact by simply using their ATM pin - no OTPs, no pre-registrations, no worries - just a quick transaction on a secure platform.

The Payments Buffet

Whats more - the Virtual Feecounter platform is like your favourite restaurant buffet - just pick and choose what you like. Want to opt for debit cards only? How about just cash pickup? Why not just give all the convenience to the parent and let them decide? Now you can pick and choose from the suite of payment options available.